A winning debut for the Poppy Shirt!

Evie GodfreyGame I wish I had seen

I genuinely think I could pick 50+ games, most of which I wasn’t born when they happened.

So I will pick one from before I was born, and one whilst I’ve been attending. Before I was born, it has to be the 1980 Challenge Cup Final. To experience the day, the occasion, must have been fantastic. The City of Hull taking over Wembley, and to cap it off seeing your team lift significant silverware… Wow.

The game I missed during my time attending that I wish I’d have attended came last year actually. The Castleford home game which saw us win in Golden Point. A fantastic win on the road to safety and a winning debut for the Poppy Shirt! Unfortunately I was at work that day and it was something I couldn’t get out of.